About Us

Babies for Us is a non-profit organization operating under a mission of providing emotional and financial assistance to lesbian couples seeking to begin biological families. Babies for Us believes that women have the right to conceive children naturally regardless of sexual orientation. Absurdly high costs associated with artificial insemination and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) present extreme limitations to the options that lesbian couples have in regards to childbearing. Babies for Us strives to assist lesbian couples looking to conceive children not only by providing financial assistance, but also by arming the families with the emotional support required for such an undertaking. By offering lesbian couples support and advisement, Babies for Us strives to provide lesbian couples with the tools necessary to build their confidence and the resources needed for a successful journey into parenthood. In addition to providing emotional and financial support, Babies for Us is also in the process of offering classes that will review alternative methods in conception, general parenting classes as well as classes which will explore various types of coping skills.

The top priority of Babies for Us is to provide lesbian couples with support and financial assistance in a safe and welcoming environment. Babies for Us operates without discrimination against one’s sexual orientation, gender, race or age. Our organization is proud to announce it is currently in the process of providing assistance to two couples in need. Our current goal is to help ten couples over the next year and an additional 25 couples over the course of the next 2 years.

Along with assisting lesbian couples to begin their own biological families, Babies for Us strives to create a cohesive community/ resource for families by addressing diversity with in the larger community. Babies for Us increases awareness and visibility of the LGBTQ community with our open community events and celebrations which include social, cultural and recreational activities. These events aim to combat homophobia and transphobia in the non-LGBTQ community by bringing together people of all different sexual orientations, ages, and cultures.

Babies for Us is an organization that applies local commercial strategies to maximize improvements in the RI LGBTQ community by holding awareness events. The events will create an opportunity where LGBTQ and straights can have a good time and socialize in an open and safe environment. The awareness events will be held locally in the RI community to support local business’. The first of which will be a concert series beginning at the Village in providence November 29th, Indigo pizza in Coventry December 16th and a final concert in January at a soon to be announce location. There are also many fun family oriented activities that we will organize that will promote equality and build support systems. Outings include but are not limited to Pawsox games, Providence Bruins, roller skating and picnics.