Tai Cordeiro

Founder and CEO

Tai Cordeiro

"There are good people and bad people in the world. We should stay away from the bad people and do our best to help the good ones."

Tai Cordeiro attended Rhode Island college where she obtained her Bachelors in Psychology and Theatre. She is currently finishing her Masters in Adult Education at the University of Rhode Island. Tai has an extensive business background which includes the position of senior executive at Macy’s.

Tai is a wife and mother of one. She has never known how amazing love could be until she had her child. She believes that everyone deserves to feel the love of being a parent and has made it her life mission to help others do so.

Applying her education, business experience and passion in believing that everyone deserves to feel the love of being a parent, she founded Babies for Us. Babies for Us is a family growth program that emotionally and financially aides lesbian couples have their own biological children.

Tai is also passionate about equality. As the league liaison to nonprofits for Renaissance City Softball league, she is working to progress communication for nonprofits in Rhode Island and assist in collaboration across fields.